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How can we make the wind sing? How can an uncontrolable natural phenomenon cooperate with a music orchestra? The Sound Kite Orchestra is an international formation of musicians, composers, sound artists and video artists, who use kites for their collective performance. Being inspired by traditional sound kites especially from Malaysia the Sound Kite Orchestra had held its first 5-day-workshop in Venice exploring the possibilities to play with the wind.


In a daily routine the eight members tested and improvised their kite instruments on the beach of San Nicoletto .

Members of the Orchestra:

Florian Dombois, Bern (CH)

Fabian Gutscher, Zurich (CH)

Kaspar König, Zurich (CH)

Luke Martin, Boston (USA)

Tini Aliman, Singapore (SG)

U5, Zurich (CH)

Vivian Wang, Singapore (SG)

LISTEN: The Venice Session, 2019

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