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Recreation Areas

A series of 1:100 scale miniatures, since 2019 (ongoing)

Recreation Areas is a series of 1:100 scale miniatures. They are islands that mimic or suggest a place. Impulse for a new recreation area can be a small found object, like a stone, a rice cracker, a sock or a dowel. They are equipped with tables, benches, plants, ponds, billboards, barriers, etc. 

The models are accompanied by a video in which short stories provide information about the places depicted and their significance. Recreation Areas are objects of power. They are substitutes for places and non-places full of fantasy and memories.

Recreation Areas can balance your life in turbulent times. You can combine them and arrange them on sand beds. They contain solutions and dynamics that guide you. 

READ more about Recreation Areas in this interview with Patrycja Wojciechowska: OF DREAMS AND ISLANDS


The Recreation Areas were exhibited in 2021 as part of the work and studio grants at the Helmhaus Zurich. U5 not only received the grant, the work was also purchased by the city of Zurich for their collection. Furthermore, this work received the most important award of all: It was voted 'Favorite of the Hearts' by the visitors.

In 2021 Recreation Areas was also exhibited as part of the exhibition 'Heimspiel' at the Kunst Halle St. Gallen.

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