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Practical module with studio visits to various collectives , F+F School of Art and Design Zurich, 2016

Peter Kubelka, in: The edible metaphor. I went picking raspberries with my mother. In the forest, for a few hours. My mother with the carrier. Then we found the raspberries and my mother started picking them and I did too. I had already learned the gesture: look, good and bad, beautiful raspberry, or beautiful and ugly. Beautiful and ugly is nothing other than good and bad. Beautiful raspberry: pull it off, bring it to your mouth, eat it. Again: pull it off, bring it to your mouth, eat it. Then the mother said: Now you hold out one hand and now you pick in your hand! Until it's full. And now the child just does it: Look at it, pick it, bring it to your mouth - no, put it in your hand. Ten times, ten times, ten times renouncing pleasure. Ten times discipline, restraint, foresight. And then the mother says: Now you can eat and laughs. And now Kubelka brings his full hand of raspberries to his mouth. A pleasure like no other berry-eating bird, berry-eating bear or other living creature has ever had. Because raspberries do not occur in handfuls in nature. They are individually spiked onto the bushes. What have I done? Realized a gigantic invention of mankind; namely the concept of compaction.

Raspberry Pie was an experiment in progress, an online and live exhibition. Visible online, initiated by blossom and U5. The exhibition was a collective piece by eleven F+F art students.

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