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Workshop organized by Philip Ursprung and Jürgen Mayer H in cooperation with U5, 2019

The Bauhaus buildings in Dessau are prototypes of radical designs for the future. They were developed for real life and tested in it. In the Festival Architecture Radical, the Bauhaus Dessau raises the question in how far architectural radicalism is still topical today. What should be the bases for the design of new architectures that are capable of creating a worldwide impact like the Bauhaus buildings? For three days, the Open Stage in the Dessau Bauhaus Museum and the Employment Office designed by Walter Gropius become the festival headquarters and in this way the authority for radically contemporary construction. 

100 students of all design disciplines, who understand construction and architecture as a utopian task, are invited to the Festival Architecture Radical in Dessau. Attended by ten renowned architects, they are active in workshops with lectures and open space conferences, think and design, live and celebrate together in an atmosphere providing space for visions and utopias. At the end of the Festival, the students enter into a “battle” against each other by the results obtained in the workshops.

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