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Seminar and Innovedum grant, Chair of the History of Art and Architecture, Prof. Dr. Philip Ursprung, ETH Zurich, co-teaching with Helene Romakin

Protect Us From What We Want

Protect Us From What We Want, 2022

Have you ever resisted the desire to travel and tried to imagine this journey? What does travel mean in the post-Holocene era? 

The seminar explores the relevance of the seminar trip as a format in architectural studies while researching possible alternatives from the perspective of post-anthropocentric and postcolonial discourses.

Imagination and abstraction are important skills in the architectural profession. The seminar aims to train students in precise descriptions and to expand them with fictional content. Discussions will elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of traveling and being on-site. Students will learn to deal with archival material and with digital sources of information and to evaluate them in creative storytelling.

Protect Us From What We Want, 2021

The participants will be divided into "travelers" and "non-travelers". They form a tandem and are in exchange with each other via different media. The seminar will allow participants to explore their own imagination and capacity for abstraction with diverse methods, media and formats such as lucid dreaming and storytelling with documentary and fictional content.

The discussions will elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of traveling and being on site. In the two different attentions of the students' tandem work, the digital experience and the real experience meet. Discussed are those elements and facts that benefit or come off worse due to the different perceptions.

LINK to plattform: Knowledge of Making

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