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U5 Problem No 14

Problem No # 14

Mixed media installation, 2013

Problem No # 14 drew influence from pop culture elements including music videos, advertisement, social networking sites and the club scene. 

Diamond-shaped in plan, the installation’s interior layered characteristics of diamonds, such as transparency, fractured light, triangle surfaces and sharp angles to produce dynamic reflections and shadows. Sound recordings by Berlin-based rapper Black Cracker lured visitors inside and surrounded them with the ambience of a deserted night club. 

The video work Problem No # 14, part of the installation, was broadcast on two television monitors. Flamboyant costumes, layered with video filters and visual effects, fabricated a cult of personality. The sound accompanying the video is a recording of a concert in the U5 studio from 2014 by Berlin-based musician Black Cracker.

Problem No # 14 was part of the Group Exhibition MOINS 30 IX, JEUNE ART SUISSE, 2013
Le Commun - Centre d'Art Contemporain, Geneva


curated by Jean-Paul Felley and Olivier Kaeser 

Problem No # 14, 2013

Installation 10m x 11m x 4m

mixed media

Problem No # 14, 2013

Video DV PAL, 16:09

6:34 min

sound by Black Cracker (D/US)

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