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U5 Parasite


Mixed media installation, 2014

Parasite is the title of a solo exhibition by U5 belonging to a three part exhibition of Kunstmuseum Thun called Narrenschiff (Ship of Fools). Other participating artists were Marcel Dzama, Albrecht Dürer and Augustin Rebetez. 

Based on a video work with the title Parasite (2009- 2011), this micro/macro cosmos of a fictious world is populated by a species called parasite. The main work, the world, depicts the exact the moment when the doomsday clock stops ticking. A supermarket called PSALM, a secret corporate building, the lake of the planets and breeding towers are just a few of the countless sites. While video and model offer the visitor an external view of the world, when entering the next room, he finds himself immediately at one of the sites. The detailed installation is loaded with symbols to create a horror vacui environment. 

As part of their collaborative practice, U5 included works by artists Sonia Genoese and Maya Rochat in Parasite.

Parasite was exhibited at Kunstmuseum Thun in 2014 curated by Helen Hirsch and Ba Berger


mixed media installation

Parasite, 2009 - 2011

Video DV PAL 4:3

22:37 min

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