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Chronological list of selected objects & paintings 

in progress ...

U5 works with everyday products and their materials such as packaging, cosmetics, household goods, children's toys, food, clothing, books, vacation souvenirs and natural finds. Things that are constantly in use but receive little attention. The use of these things by people and animals stores memories in them that continue to accumulate. U5 is interested in these memories and stories. The ambivalence of use and disuse, of "wanting to keep" the treasures and "freeing oneself" from consumption and ballast, is existential. U5 subjects these materials to an organically growing aesthetic process that wildly mixes, fuses, collages, glues together, layers on top of each other and celebrates repair.

U5 uses materials that can be found in their respective surroundings, because every story is a geographical story. U5 refers to this technique as "glue spitting" (a neologism based on the technique birds use to build their nests). It is a pleasurable process, full of coincidences and references that are reflected in the objects.

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