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Kunsthalle Arbon, Arbon
Solo Exhibition

Young Land Ever Fast, 2014
600 sqm
mixed media

U5 developed architectural and scenic elements for this fictious suburban environment which visitors could access by car. The main work of this expansive 600 sqm installation is a full-scale bus terminal complete with a waiting area with sculptures, paintings and a bench, edged by artificial plants and water basins. The visitor, waiting for a bus that never arrives, waits in a timeless state of absurdity. The video on the display disinforms with a chaotic accumulation of instructions, advertisements, and entertainment. The installation included works by artists Maya Rochat and Francisca Silva and architect and designer Fabio Don. Together the artists produced video works set within the physical installation, including a recorded private performance and a live stream from three webcams, viewable on the U5 website. During the exhibition, the Ensemble NEW4ART premiered their concert «Paraphrasen».


Eine Strasse führt die Besucherinnen und Besucher quer durch die Kunsthalle Arbon. Gesäumt von architektonischen und landschaftlichen Elementen, entsteht eine fiktive suburbane Atmosphäre. Während man in der Bushaltestelle wartet, lassen sich im Südwesten die endlosen Strassen durch die Unweiten Richtung «Mountain Dew» erahnen. Auf der anderen Seite streut nördlich-östlich die Stadt «Umami» ihre zivilisatorischen Ausläufer in den Vorort YOUNGLAND EVERFAST.

1. Drive through YOUNGLAND EVERFAST.
2. Hold on a minute.
3. Jump out at «Mountain Dew» Station.
4. Go that extra mile, it’s never crowded.
5. Enjoy the ride.


Terminal 302, 2014
Video DV PAL, 16:9
10:50 min
sound: carfil (CH)

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Clothes by Spacemother "the Basketball Association"

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Clothes by Spacemother "the Basketball Association"

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Clothes by Spacemother "the Basketball Association"