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Tell Me What I See, When I Look Into Your Eyes, 2014
Bolte+Lang Gallery, Zürich
Group Exhibition

curated by Nicola Ruffo and Caroline Lommaert

with Livio Baumgartner, Nino Baumgartner, Nicolas Berset, Arienne & Pascale Birchler, Beni Bischof, Stéphane Devidal, Dagmar Heppner, Guillaume Pilet, Elodie Pong, Ana Roldan, Vanessa Safavi, U5, Costa Vece, Pedro Wirz

PROBLEM No # 14, 2013
Video DV PAL, 16:09
6:34 min
sound by Black Cracker (D/US) watch?v=ahWn1P5kwTo


EXP. 2000, 2013, mixed media, 207 x 85 x 50 cm




PROBLEM NO #14, 2013, video, 40.26 min, unique