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Recreation Areas, since 2019
ongoing project

'Recreation Areas' is a series of 1:100 scale miniatures made with hot glue. They are islands that mimic or suggest a place. Impulse for a new recreation area can be a small found object, like a stone, a rice cracker, a sock or a dowel. They are equipped with tables, benches, plants, ponds, billboards, barriers, etc.

Recreational areas are objects of power. They are substitutes for places and non-places full of fantasy and memories. Recreation areas can balance your life in turbulent times. You can combine them and arrange them on sand beds. They contain solutions and dynamics that guide you.

IMG 6900-Sprouts-Garden.jpg

Sprouts Garden

IMG 6967-Steam-boat.jpg

Steam Boat

IMG 6961-Drive-in-cinema.jpg


IMG 6962-Red-monkey-temple.jpg

Red Monkey Temple

IMG 6951-Bench-by-the-pond.jpg


IMG 6901-Centipede-Lobby.jpg

Centipede Lobby

IMG 6888 reef.jpg


IMG 6911-Skyscraper.jpg

Sky Scraper

IMG 6912-Satay-pit.jpg

Satay Pit

IMG 6896-WIN.jpg

Quiz Show

IMG 6916-Sm-studio.jpg

SM Studio

IMG 6918-Birch-forest.jpg

Birch Forest

IMG 6925-Theater-To-die-for.jpg

Theater To Die For

IMG 6928-Ejector-seat.jpg

Ejector Seat

IMG 6932-Dragon-temple.jpg

Dragon Temple

IMG 6943-Construction-site.jpg

Construction Site

IMG 6950-Gelateria.jpg


IMG 6970-U5-HQ.jpg