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PALM, since 2007
ongoing project

PALM is an ongoing project, initiated during the founding year of U5 more than ten years ago. When the members of U5 started their collaborative work a camera was installed in their basement studio. The camera surveying the studio space sent a live stream to a webpage. The camera accompanied the collective from their first workspace at the Zurich University of the Arts to all their following studios. During the last years the number of cameras increased. In 2015 the collective went to Singapore, which required mobile cameras that accompany each member of the collective in their daily life ever since. If the camera does not have a connection to the internet the camera stores the pictures recorded. They are uploaded and streamed at the next occasion when internet access is available. The streams can be accessed via the webpage of the collective (see:

During the exhibition in Helmhaus in December 2016/ January 2017 the streams were sent directly to the museum and displayed there on three mobile phones as part of the artwork „Solitude I“.

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