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Many White Horses, 2020
Realized for the Research Focus Transdisciplinarity, ZHdK, Zurich; a contribution to the "Allmende of the Research Films“

The wind is called upon when it is needed. For this ritual, the people summoning the wind let down their hair. Wind force 5 on the Beaufort scale corresponds to a fresh breeze: small trees in leaf begin to sway, crested wavelets form on inland waters, moderate waves taking a more pronounced long form, the wind is clearly audible, chance of some spray, many white horses everywhere.

Many White Horses

7,25 min, HD, 2020
Sound: Tini Aliman
Voice: Zarina Muhammad

Cast: Sophie Germanier, U5

Acknowledgements: with Videos from U5 and Florian Dombois, Christoph Oeschger, Fabian Gutscher (Research Focus Transdisciplinarity, ZHdK)

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