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Digital prints on satin, processed with various every day materials, ongoing project, since 2019

#flagged shows selected moments of our digital PALM-archive. Brought back to the analogue world printed on Satin the images are processed with everyday materials such as Q-tips, tooth-picks and hot glue.


Similar to our memory, these moments are preserved and subsequently changed and adapted. 


#flagged deals with an archive that is due to its huge amount of uncurated images unmanageable for human intelligence. Around 100 million images are stored at this point of time, growing every second. The work deals with this archive in a similar way our brain processes memories. Some of them are permanently present, shape us and our character and retroactively our memories are shaped by us.


95 x 147 cm

series; continued

digital print on satin, processed with various every day materials (mainly plastic)

#flagged was exhibited in 2019 at Kunstraum Aarau and was exhibited and awarded in 2020 at Haus Konstruktiv as part of the work and studio grant of the Canton of Zurich.

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