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Mixed media installation and performance, 2016

curated by Gregory Hari

BLEACH is a performance in a completely fogged space, allowing access to three participants at a time. For the participants it is thus impossible to perceive the dimensions of the room. At first glance, only a monitor hanging from the ceiling in the center of the space is visible. It repeatedly displays a short animation in black, white and red, requesting the three participants to position themselves on a marked spot.


Once on their position, a computerized voice appears 'Humanity is never acquired in solitude*'. Three flashlights then appear on the opposite part of the space, allowing to perceive the dimensions of the space. The flashlights move slowly towards the participants (one light per participant). The loudspeaker plays a short excerpt of Kanye West's 'New Slaves' (slowed down). The voice continues 'We weave our strand into a network of relations*'. Only when the three flashlights are as close as two meters from the participants, the latter may discern the silhouettes of the artists carrying it. The loudspeaker plays Sophie Hunger singing 'Love is not the answer' of her same-titled song (slowed down).

The three artists close up to each participant. They wear completely white clothes, have long white hair and a surgical mask covering the face. The voice from the loudspeaker continues 'This venture is only possible when there is trust in mankind*'. Each participant is hugged by one of the artists for five seconds. The performance is over. The participants are asked to leave. The time of the performance is about 4 minutes.

The text passages are excerpts of Hannah Arendt's interview with Guenter Gaus called 'Zur Person'.

BLEACH was exhibited and performed at blossom, Zürich, curated by Gregory Hari.

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